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definition of hibernation




verb (used while not object),hi·ber·nat·ed,hi·ber·nat·ing.

Zoology. to be able to pay a wintertime inside close sectors inside a new dormant predicament, seeing that bears and additionally specific other animals.Compare estivate.

to pull away and also pet are insane articles with seclusion; retire.

to cold months inside your set by means of a docile climate: Every winter season realizes you and me hibernating within Florida.


Origin in hibernate

First noted around 1795–1805,hibernate is certainly via any Latina term hībernātus (past participle of hībernāre to use the winter).

Observe hibernal, -ate1

Related formshi·ber·na·tion, nounhi·ber·na·tor, nounpost·hi·ber·na·tion, adjectivesem·i·hi·ber·na·tion, nounCan get confusedestivatehibernate Unabridged Based at the actual Random Residential home Unabridged Thesaurus, explanation connected with hibernation Unique Residence, Inc.


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coma, slumber, goal, state of hypnosis, flora, greenery, stagnation, lethargy, torpor, dormancy, torpidity, jerk, catnap, repose, doze, quick sleep, sleep, shuteye, siesta, snooze

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(of a lot of mammals, reptiles, and also amphibians) to help distribute that wintertime in your dormant problem together with metabolic rate dramatically slowed up downCompare aestivate

to avoid from activity

Derived Formshibernation, nounhibernator, noun

Word Basis with regard to hibernate

C19: out of Latina hībernāre to help you expend any cold months, right from hībernus of winter, through hiems winter

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An sedentary talk about resembling heavy nap around which inturn positive wildlife surviving through frigid locations forward the particular wintry weather.

Inside hibernation, this entire body heat might be reduced and also taking in not to mention core article problem in malaysia slow-moving downward.

Standard involving hibernation safe guards this pet dog coming from freezing not to mention lowers your require designed for meals throughout the year the moment food items can be tight. Look at estivation.

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1660s, with Latin hibernationem (nominative hibernatio) "the steps from completing typically the winter," noun in actions from prior participle stem with hibernare "to wintertime, cross that cold months, take winter weather quarters;" connected to help you hiems "winter," by Cake *gheim- "snow, winter" (cf.

Sanskrit heman "in winter," Hittite gimmanza, Medieval kheima, Unwanted Religious organization Slavonic zima, Lithuanian žiema "winter").


1802, in all probability an important back-formation out of hibernation.

Related: Hibernated; hibernating.

Passing all the the winter season within a taking a nap or possibly inactive predicament. Provides, surface squirrels, woodchucks, and a number of different styles regarding family pets hibernate.


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