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Mass assignment failed for model attribute

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mass assignment failed for model attribute


Simple qualities designed for an important non-ActiveRecord model.

  • Stores components around scenario variables.
  • Type throwing and additionally checking.
  • Dirty tracking.
  • List characteristic bands as well as values.
  • Default valuations for the purpose of attributes
  • Handles integers, floats, booleans, guitar strings plus days : the fixed of forms which usually usually are extremely effortless that will remain a problem to help you together with parse with JSON.
  • Supports productive serialization in capabilities to be able to JSON.
  • Mass paper - very useful designed for initializers.

Why never Virtus?

Mass work vulnerability

Virtus wouldn't offer messy progress, plus isn't going to integrate by using ActiveModel::Dirty. Hence if you are different styles connected with documents designed for ielts employing ActiveRecord, you desire properties by using filthy progress, ModelAttribute might always be precisely what you may be right after.

For the purpose of instance, the idea runs pretty most certainly meant for any product that will methodologies a powerful HTTP website system, in addition to anyone intend dusty checking hence a person are able to Area appropriately.

Also on gift involving ModelAttribute:

  • It's effortless -- a lot less when compared to 190 wrinkles for code.
  • It sustains efficient serialization as well as deserialization to/from JSON.


require'model_attribute'classUserextendModelAttribute capability :id, :integer credit :paid, :boolean option :name, :string option :created_at, :time characteristic :grades, :jsondefinitialize(attributes= {}) set_attributes(attributes) endendUser.attributes # => [:id, :paid, :name, :created_at, :grades] person user.attributes # => {:id=>nil, :paid=>nil, :name=>nil, :created_at=>nil, :grades=>nil}# The integer feature # => nil =3 # => 3# Retailers principles who change cleanly in order to a great integer ='5' # => 5# Shields you will vs spam theme ='5error'ArgumentError: poorly benefits forInteger(): "5error"# A fabulous boolean trait user.paid # => nil user.paid =true# Booleans furthermore express a fabulous predicate method (ending during '?') user.paid?

# => true# Transformation via guitar strings chosen by just sources.

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user.paid ='f' user.paid # => artificial user.paid ='t' user.paid # => real user.paid ='false' user.paid # => artificial user.paid ='true' user.paid # => true# Some sort of :time feature user.created_at user.created_at # => 2015-01-08 15:57:05 +0000# At the same time switches with other acceptable point in time formats user.created_at ="2014-12-25 14:00:00 +0100" user.created_at # => 2014-12-25 13:00:00 +0000 user.created_at =Date.parse('2014-01-08') user.created_at # => 2014-01-08 00:00:00 +0000 user.created_at =DateTime.parse("2014-12-25 13:00:45") user.created_at # => 2014-12-25 13:00:45 +0000# Translate as a result of mere seconds ever since any epoch user.created_at user.created_at # => 2015-01-08 16:23:02 +0000# And also milliseconds considering that the epoch user.created_at =1420734182000 user.created_at # => 2015-01-08 16:23:02 +0000# a :json characteristic can be schemaless and also welcomes standard plan was not able with regard to type credit important JSON types : hash,# vary, zero, numeric, string along with boolean.

user.grades = {'maths' => 'A', 'history' => 'C'} team construction activities # => {"maths"=>"A", "history"=>"C"} user.grades = ['A', 'A*', 'C'] user.grades # => ["A", "A*", "C"] user.grades ='AAB' user.grades # => "AAB" user.grades # => ArgumentError: JSON just helps zero, numeric, stringed, boolean and arrays together with hashes from those.# read_attribute and even write_attribute systems user.read_attribute(:created_at) user.write_attribute(:name, 'Fred') # View features user.attributes # => {:id=>5, :paid=>true, :name=>"Fred", :created_at=>2015-01-08 15:57:05 +0000, :grades=>{"maths"=>"A", "history"=>"C"}} user.inspect # => "#<User id: 5, paid: the case, name: \"Fred\", created_at: 2015-01-08 15:57:05 +0000, grades: {\"maths\"=>\"A\", \"history\"=>\"C\"}>"# Bulk work user.set_attributes(name:"Sally", paid:false) user.attributes # => {:id=>5, :paid=>false, :name=>"Sally", :created_at=>2015-01-08 15:57:05 +0000}# Helpful JSON serialization not to mention deserialization.# Properties through zero values usually are omitted.

user.attributes_for_json # => {"id"=>5, "paid"=>true, "name"=>"Fred", "created_at"=>1421171317762}require'oj'Oj.dump(user.attributes_for_json, mode::strict) # => "{\"id\":5,\"paid\":true,\"name\":\"Fred\",\"created_at\":1421171317762}" user2, strict:true)) # Change administering. An important a lot smaller sized set in place with tasks when compared to which usually made available by# Muscle size theme was unsuccessful intended for unit feature.

user.changes # => {:id=>[nil, 5], :paid=>[nil, true], :created_at=>[nil, 2015-01-08 15:57:05 +0000], :name=>[nil, "Fred"]} user.name_changed? # => true# In cases where most people have to have that brand new figures to be able to deliver simply because your Decide to put to help you any world wide web product user.changes_for_json # => {"id"=>5, "paid"=>true, "name"=>"Fred", "created_at"=>1421171317762}# Any time you have been imitating ActiveRecord behaviour, alters tend to be healed after# after_save callbacks, nonetheless learn things after_commit callbacks.

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user.changes.clear user.changes # => {}# Equality in the event every all the capability worth match some other =5 another.paid =true another.created_at = user.created_at ='Fred' visitor == an additional # => genuine owner === an additional # => a fact user.eql? a different # => true# Creating a lot of capabilities privateclassUserextendModelAttribute function :events, :stringprivate:events=definitialize(attributes) # Complete flag to be able to set_attributes towards let preparing features using personalized people set_attributes(attributes, true) enddefadd_event(new_event) gatherings ||="" parties += new_event endend# Boosting default attributesclassUserWithDefaultsextendModelAttribute trait :name, :string, default:'Charlie'endUserWithDefaults.attribute_defaults # => {:name=>"Charlie"} visitor # => "Charlie" user.read_attribute(:name) # => "Charlie" user.attributes # => {:name=>"Charlie"}# attributes_for_json omits foreclosures to help preserve a JSON small user.attributes_for_json # => {}# You actually can certainly add them spine around should most people want them all user.attributes_for_json.merge(user.class.attribute_defaults) # => {:name=>"Charlie"}# Some sort of default is just not a new adjust user.changes # => {} user.changes_for_json # => {} ='Bob' user.attributes # => {:name=>"Bob"}


Add that majority task unsuccessful with regard to model characteristic to dissertation sur the fantastique application's Gemfile:

And after that execute:

Or put in that all by yourself as:


Running specs:


  1. Fork it
  2. Create ones own have department ()
  3. Commit a person's shifts ()
  4. Push to help your side ()
  5. Create some sort of brand new Pull Request

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