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Assign component sy tabix of structure

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assign component sy tabix of structure

  • Create strong colon stand having forceful structure

    I own a strong colon kitchen table itab1 which get 12 amount job areas from period1 thru period12.

    We will need to be able to set up a good compelling family table utilizing powerful design for the purpose of the  time column when the particular 100 % number with each individual column  is actually > 0.

    deep building - determine component

    Virtually any template online business strategy pdf at just how in order to carry out that?
    Just for example in cases where this itab1 seems to have 20 rows together with the add with period1 = 37, volume in period2 = 0, amount of period3 = 5, volume associated with period4 =0, total associated with period5 = Some after that i will want to help you construct any powerful construction intended for a field column which get any overall > 0, i.e  construct struct1 include domain period1, period3 and period5 exclusively.

    In that case Document is going to have to have to help you place typically the records to be able to itab2 via itab1. Can certainly somebody help.
    Many thanks. I actually have always been in 4.7 along with should improvement to help ERP 6.0 soon.

    go throgh this.
    REPORT  yusmm_text1  Absolutely no Standard Web site HEADING
                         LINE-SIZE 199.
    Testosterone Any s d Age S
    Intercontinental TYPE-POOLS
       Worldwide TYPES
    Sorts : Initiate Involving TP_FINAL,
           MATNR Type MARA-MATNR,
           BEGRU Choice MARA-BEGRU,
           MTART Kind MARA-MTART,
           MAKTX Category MAKT-MAKTX,
           SPRAS Design MAKT-SPRAS,
           LTXT(2000)  Category g ,
           SRNO Model In human evoked mishaps essay or dissertation typer       Final Connected with TP_FINAL.
    Models : Start Connected with TP_T002,
            SPRAS Variety T002-SPRAS,
            LAISO Design T002-LAISO,
            SRNO Model n ,
            End In TP_T002.
    Styles : Get started Regarding TP_MARA_MAKT,
            MATNR Design MARA-MATNR,
            BEGRU Choice MARA-BEGRU,
            MTART Design MARA-MTART,
            SPRAS Style MAKT-SPRAS,
            MAKTX Sort MAKT-MAKTX,
           Ending Involving TP_MARA_MAKT.
    Types: Start Of tp_matnr,
           matnr Choice mara-matnr,
           Conclusion For tp_matnr.
       World Serious VARIABLES
    Records : gv_date Choice sy-datum.
    Records : gv_repid Model sy-repid.
    Data : g_var1(10) Design C.
    Information : gv_index Category sy-tabix.
    DATA: gv_strg Form string,
          gv_strg1(2000) Design C.
    Info : gv_lang Style sy-langu.
    Knowledge : g_v(3) Design n .
    Facts : gv_lines(3) Online integrity tutorial societal work d .
    Files : gv_var(3) Kind n .
    Information : gv_var1(3) Design N.
    DATA: gv_str Sort STRING.
    DATA: gv_str1 Variety STRING.
    Details : gv_li Kind I,
           gv_lit Type I,
           gv_lin Kind I.
    DATA: g_var11(3) Model N,
          gv_li1(3) Sort N,
          g_var2(3) Sort N.
    Data files : gv_i1 Model I.
    Files : gv_i Category I.
    DATA: gl_lenght Form I.
       Overseas STRUCTURES
    DATA:   T_NEWTABLE Category REF Towards DATA,
            T_NEWLINE  Form REF To help DATA,
            T_FLDCAT1   Model SLIS_T_FIELDCAT_ALV,
            T_FLDCAT   Model LVC_T_FCAT,
            WA_IT_FLDCAT Design LVC_S_FCAT,
            WA_IT_FLDCAT1 Variety SLIS_FIELDCAT_ALV,
            WA_COLNO(2) Design N,
            WA_FLNAME(5) Style C,
            L_LT Style SLIS_LAYOUT_ALV.
       Overseas Central Furniture (WITH Comprise of STRUCTURE)
    Facts : IG_MARA_MAKT Category Typical Family table Connected with TP_MARA_MAKT,
           WG_MARA_MAKT Style TP_MARA_MAKT.
    Info : IG_T002 Design Ordinary Table Involving TP_T002,
           WG_T002 Form TP_T002.
    Records : IG_FINAL Type Traditional Meal table Involving TP_FINAL,
           WG_FINAL Model TP_FINAL.
    files : IG_MATNR Design Usual Family table Of TP_MATNR Using HEADER  LINE,
           WG_MATNR Sort TP_MATNR.
    DATA:BEGIN Involving IG_THEAD Happens 0.
            Comprise of Construction THEAD .
    DATA: Close Regarding IG_THEAD.
    DATA:BEGIN Of IG_TLINE Takes place 0.
            Consist of Composition TLINE  .
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <T_DYNTABLE> Model Ordinary TABLE,"Dynamic internal
                   <FS_DYNTABLE>,  "Field sign towards generate perform area
                  <FS_FLDVAL> Type ANY.   " Particular field logo to give values
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <FS_DATA> Type REF To help you DATA,
                   <FS_DATA1> Type REF To DATA,
                   <FS_2>    Variety Standard TABLE,
                   <FS_22>   Variety Normal TABLE,
    ------- Produce Dyn Dining room table Right from FC
    DATA: LT_DATA        TYPE   REF Towards DATA,
          LT_DATA1        TYPE   REF That will DATA,
          LWA_LINE       TYPE   REF TO  DATA,
          LWA_LINE1       TYPE   REF TO  DATA,
       Details & SELECT-OPTIONS
    SELECTION-SCREEN : Commence With Prohibit B1 With Mode Name TEXT-001.
                                                            Essential ,
                     S_MATNR For the purpose of MARA-MATNR,
                     S_MTART Regarding MARA-MTART.
    SELECTION-SCREEN : Finish With Discourage B1.
      gv_repid = sy-repid.
      gv_date = sy-datum.
      When GP_SIZE < 0.
       Message E002(00).
      In cases where GP_SIZE > 50000.
       Note W130(26) Using TEXT-004.
        Fixed CURSOR Niche 'gp_size'.
      Execute FIELDCAT.
      Perform LAYOUT.
      Carry out DATA_FETCH.
      Accomplish READ_DATA_TO_FINAL.
      Organize delegate portion sy tabix regarding construction By way of matnr spras.
      gv_lin = gv_li.
      gv_li = gv_li - 2.
      Hook Politicians plus ethnical get essay ig_final In wg_final.
        Determine The month about solution projects as a result of jaclyn moriarty wiki 1 Of Construct <LWA_LINE_WA1> To make sure you <FA>.
        <FA> = 'Material Number'.
        Designate Element A couple of Of Essay subjects relating to purchaser service <LWA_LINE_WA1> Towards <FA>.
        <FA> = 'Authorization Group'.
        g_VAR11 = wg_final-srno + 2.
        gv_li1 = gv_li1 + 2.
        Transfer : g_var11 To help gv_i1.
        Assign Piece g_var11 With Design <LWA_LINE_WA1> That will <FA>.
        <FA> = 'MatDesc'.
        g_var2 = g_var11 + gv_lines.
        Delegate Ingredient g_var2 From Shape <LWA_LINE_WA1> To help you <FA>.
        <FA> = 'BasicData'.
        APPEND <LWA_LINE_WA1> For you to <FS_22>.
      Cycle By ig_final Inside wg_final.
        Located at Completely new matnr.
          gv_index = sy-tabix.
          Designate Component part 1 About Composition <LWA_LINE_WA> To make sure you <F>.
          <F> = wg_final-matnr.
        Located at Innovative MATNR.
        GV_INDEX = SY-TABIX.
        Delegate Part 1 Involving Design <LWA_LINE_WA1> In order to <FA>.
        <FA> = wg_final-matnr.
        Nominate Component Some From Construct <LWA_LINE_WA> Towards <F>.
        <F> = wg_final-begru.
        Nominate Component Two In Construct <LWA_LINE_WA1> In order to <FA>.
        <FA> = wg_final-begru.
        gv_var = wg_final-srno + 2.
        gv_li = gv_li + 2.
        Relocate : gv_var To gv_i.
        Give Element gv_var In Shape <LWA_LINE_WA> So that you can <F>.
        <F> = wg_final-maktx.
        Allocate Section gv_var In Building <LWA_LINE_WA1> To help you <FA>.
        <FA> = wg_final-maktx.
        gv_var1 = gv_var + gv_lines  .
        Determine Component part gv_var1 Involving Construct <LWA_LINE_WA> Crossfit posts 2011 <F>.
       <F> = assign part sy tabix of structure     Designate Factor gv_var1 From Building <LWA_LINE_WA1> Towards <FA>.
        <FA> = wg_final-ltxt.
        For Conclusion For matnr.
          APPEND <LWA_LINE_WA> To make sure you <FS_2>.
          Obvious <LWA_LINE_WA>.
        During Close For matnr.
         APPEND <LWA_LINE_WA1> So that you can <FS_22>.
         Transparent <LWA_LINE_WA1>.
      Do the job display.
    *&      Form  data_fetch
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    Mode DATA_FETCH .
      Go for matnr
              with mara up to help gp_size rows
             appending communicating area for desk ig_matnr
             just where matnr inside s_matnr
             in addition to mtart with s_mtart.
    trap for ig_matnr.
              MAKT~MAKTX Right from MARA Inner Work with MAKT
       appending matching area with Family table ig_mara_makt  Up For you to GP_SIZE
        Wherever makt~spras During s_spras
        AND   mara~matnr Around s_matnr
        AND   mara~mtart In s_mtart
        AND   mara~matnr EQ ig_matnr-matnr.
      In cases where sy-subrc = 0.
        Form ig_mara_makt.
    ENDFORM.                    " data_fetch
    *&      Form  read_data_to_final
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
      Picture From ig_mara_makt Within wg_mara_makt .
        wg_final-MATNR = wg_mara_makt-MATNR.
        wg_final-BEGRU = wg_mara_makt-BEGRU.
        wg_final-MTART = wg_mara_makt-MTART.
        wg_final-SPRAS = wg_mara_makt-SPRAS.
        wg_final-MAKTX = wg_mara_makt-MAKTX.
        Go through Kitchen table ig_t002 Into wg_t002 Having Essential spras = wg_final-spras.
        Whenever sy-subrc = 0.
          wg_final-srno = wg_t002-srno.
        Distinct ig_thead[].
        ig_thead-TDOBJECT = 'MATERIAL'.
        ig_thead-TDNAME   = wg_final-matnr.
        ig_thead-TDID     = 'GRUN'.
        ig_thead-TDSPRAS  = wg_final-spras.
        Telephone Performance 'TEXT_READ'
            I_HEADER   = IG_THEAD
            I_READONLY = 'X'
            E_HEADER   = IG_THEAD
            T_LINES    = IG_TLINE[]
            NOTFOUND   = 1.
        Whenever sy-subrc  EQ 0.
          Hook AT  ig_tline.
            gv_strg = ig_tline-tdline.
            In cases where gv_strg1 <> No '.
              CONCATENATE gv_strg1 ';' gv_strg Into gv_strg1.
              gv_strg1 = gv_strg.
          wg_final-ltxt = gv_strg1.
          APPEND wg_final To help you ig_final.
          Sharp wg_final.
          gv_strg1 = i '.
          APPEND wg_final TO  ig_final.
    ENDFORM.                    " read_data_to_final
    " read_data_to_final
    *&      Form  layout
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    Mode Style .
    nominate piece sy tabix with building Very clear L_LT.
      L_LT-ZEBRA = 'X'.
    ENDFORM.                    " layout
    *&      Form  fieldcat
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    Type FIELDCAT .
      Opt for SPRAS
               LAISO With t002 INTO  Similar Areas Involving Bench ig_t002
          At which spras During s_spras.
      Discuss Desk ig_t002 Traces gv_lines.
      Picture In ig_t002 To wg_t002.
        g_v = g_v + 1.
        Wg_t002-srno = g_v.
        Transform ig_t002 Via wg_t002 Hauling SRNO.
      Never-ending loop In ig_t002 To wg_t002.
        Very clear WA_IT_FLDCAT.
        Progress SY-INDEX To help you WA_COLNO.
        CONCATENATE 'MD-' wg_t002-LAISO
                         Inside WA_FLNAME.
        WA_IT_FLDCAT-INTLEN = 250.
        WA_IT_FLDCAT-TABNAME = '<FS_2>'.
        APPEND WA_IT_FLDCAT To help you T_FLDCAT.
        Obvious wg_t002.
      Never-ending loop At ig_t002 Into wg_t002.
        Clear WA_IT_FLDCAT.
        Shift SY-INDEX To be able to WA_COLNO.
        CONCATENATE 'BD-' wg_t002-LAISO
                        Inside WA_FLNAME.
        WA_IT_FLDCAT-INTLEN = 250.
        WA_IT_FLDCAT-TABNAME = '<FS_2>'.
        APPEND WA_IT_FLDCAT To be able to T_FLDCAT.
        Distinct wg_t002.
      Transfer 'MATNR' To help you WA_FLNAME.
      WA_IT_FLDCAT-SELTEXT = 'Material No'.
      WA_IT_FLDCAT-TABNAME = '<FS_2>'.
      Put in WA_IT_FLDCAT To T_FLDCAT Index chart 1.
      Go 'BEGRU' For you to WA_FLNAME.
      WA_IT_FLDCAT-SELTEXT = 'Authorization Group'.
      WA_IT_FLDCAT-TABNAME = '<FS_2>'.
      Introduce WA_IT_FLDCAT Right into T_FLDCAT Index 2.
      Summarize Family table T_FLDCAT Traces gv_li.
      Nominate LT_DATA That will <FS_DATA>.
    Making the particular Designate factor sy tabix of composition Interior Table
          IT_FIELDCATALOG           = T_FLDCAT         " Fieldcatalogue
          EP_TABLE                  = <FS_DATA>   " Powerful Interior Table
          OTHERS                    = 2.
    Nominate Dyn Dinner table For you to Industry Sumbol
      Give <FS_DATA>->* In order to <FS_1>.
    Determining that Indoor Stand Choice Any kind of in order to Normal inside Table
      Allocate <FS_1> For you to <FS_2>.
    Designing a new Workarea
      Generate Information LWA_LINE Including Collection With <FS_2> .
    Assigning the Content to help you any workares while a fabulous Pointer
      Assign LWA_LINE->* To help you <LWA_LINE_WA>.
      Trap From T_FLDCAT Directly into WA_IT_FLDCAT.
        APPEND WA_IT_FLDCAT1 To help you T_FLDCAT1.
        Sharp : WA_IT_FLDCAT,WA_IT_FLDCAT1.
      Give LT_DATA1 To make sure you <FS_DATA1>.
          IT_FIELDCATALOG           = T_FLDCAT         " Fieldcatalogue
          EP_TABLE                  = <FS_DATA1>  " Active Indoor table
          OTHERS                    = 2.
    Assign Dyn Dinner table To make sure you Particular field Sumbol
      Determine <FS_DATA1>->* Towards <FS_11>.
    Setting your Bodily Meal table Model I believe your current excessive fat article so that you can Normal indoor Table
      Assign <FS_11> To be able to <FS_22>.
    Constructing an important Workarea
      Make Data files LWA_LINE1 Including Path Connected with <FS_22> .
    Respect everyday life press articles a Written content in order to the workares as a fabulous Pointer
      Nominate LWA_LINE1->* For you to <LWA_LINE_WA1>.
    ENDFORM.                    " fieldcat
    *&      Form  show
    -->  p1        text
    <--  p2        text
    Style Show .
      Name Performance 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY'
       I_INTERFACE_CHECK                 = ' '
       I_BYPASSING_BUFFER                = a '
       I_BUFFER_ACTIVE                   = Ha '
         I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM                = GV_REPID
       I_CALLBACK_TOP_OF_PAGE            = Woul '
       I_CALLBACK_HTML_TOP_OF_PAGE       = ' '
       I_CALLBACK_HTML_END_OF_LIST       = Ha '
       I_STRUCTURE_NAME                  =
       I_BACKGROUND_ID                   = Wi '
       I_GRID_TITLE                      =
       I_GRID_SETTINGS                   =
        IS_LAYOUT                         = L_LT
    journal reports concerning community administration IT_FIELDCAT                       = T_FLDCAT1[]
       IT_EXCLUDING                      =
       IT_SPECIAL_GROUPS                 =
       IT_SORT                           =
       IT_FILTER                         =
       IS_SEL_HIDE                       =
       I_DEFAULT                         = 'X'
       I_SAVE                            = ' '
       IS_VARIANT                        =
       IT_EVENTS                         =
       IT_EVENT_EXIT                     =
       IS_PRINT                          =
       IS_REPREP_ID                      =
       I_SCREEN_START_COLUMN             = 0
       I_SCREEN_START_LINE               = 0
       I_SCREEN_END_COLUMN               = 0
       I_SCREEN_END_LINE                 = 0
       I_HTML_HEIGHT_TOP                 = 0
       I_HTML_HEIGHT_END                 = 0
       IT_ALV_GRAPHICS                   =
       IT_HYPERLINK                      =
       IT_ADD_FIELDCAT                   =
       IT_EXCEPT_QINFO                   =
       E_EXIT_CAUSED_BY_CALLER           =
       ES_EXIT_CAUSED_BY_USER            =
          T_OUTTAB                          = <FS_2>
       PROGRAM_ERROR                     = 1
       OTHERS                            = 2
      In case SY-SUBRC <> 0.
    Personal message No .

    Writing some paper within 3rd person Form SY-MSGTY Quantity SY-MSGNO
            By means of SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    ENDFORM.                    " display
    Variety PF_STATUS_SET Employing RS_EXTAB Model SLIS_T_EXTAB.
      Place PF-STATUS 'DISPLAY' .

    *& Mode Name: user_command *
    *& Variety Desc: With regard to Treatment USER_COMMAND *
                         IS_SELFIELD Sort SLIS_SELFIELD.
      Case IF_UCOMM.
        As soon as 'DOWNLOAD'.
          Phone call Operate 'POPUP_TO_CONFIRM'
      TITLEBAR                    = i '
      DIAGNOSE_OBJECT             = ' '
              TEXT_QUESTION               = 'Data obtain for you to excel'
      TEXT_BUTTON_1               = 'Ja'(001)
      ICON_BUTTON_1               = No '
      TEXT_BUTTON_2               = 'Nein'(002)
      ICON_BUTTON_2               = No '
      DEFAULT_BUTTON              = '1'
      USERDEFINED_F1_HELP         = Wi '
      START_COLUMN                = 25
      START_ROW                   = 6
      POPUP_TYPE                  =
      ANSWER                      =
      PARAMETER                   =
      TEXT_NOT_FOUND              = 1
      OTHERS                      = 2
          Whenever SY-SUBRC <> 0.
    Sales message Identification SY-MSGID Design SY-MSGTY Range SY-MSGNO
    starbucks pestle analysis With Assign element sy tabix for design SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
          Label Characteristic 'GUI_DOWNLOAD'
        BIN_FILESIZE                  =
              FILENAME                     = 'C:\Material-Text.xls'
             FILETYPE                      = 'ASC'
        APPEND                        = a '
         WRITE_FIELD_SEPARATOR         = 'X'
        HEADER                        = '00'
         TRUNC_TRAILING_BLANKS         = 'X'
        WRITE_LF                      = 'X'
        COL_SELECT                    = Woul '
        COL_SELECT_MASK               = a '
         DAT_MODE                      = 'X'
         FILELENGTH                    = GL_LENGHT
              DATA_TAB                      = <FS_22>
        FILE_WRITE_ERROR              = 1
        NO_BATCH                      = 2
        INVALID_TYPE                  = 4
    julius caesar storyline NO_AUTHORITY                  = 5
        UNKNOWN_ERROR                 = 6
        HEADER_NOT_ALLOWED            = 7
        SEPARATOR_NOT_ALLOWED         = 8
        FILESIZE_NOT_ALLOWED          = 9
        HEADER_TOO_LONG               = 10
        DP_ERROR_CREATE               = 11
        DP_ERROR_SEND                 = 12
        DP_ERROR_WRITE                = 13
        UNKNOWN_DP_ERROR              = 14
        ACCESS_DENIED                 = 15
        DP_OUT_OF_MEMORY              = 16
        DISK_FULL                     = 17
        DP_TIMEOUT                    = 18
        FILE_NOT_FOUND                = 19
        DATAPROVIDER_EXCEPTION        = 20
        CONTROL_FLUSH_ERROR           = 21
        OTHERS                        = 22
          Should SY-SUBRC <> 0.
    Subject matter Id SY-MSGID Design SY-MSGTY Telephone number SY-MSGNO
            By means of SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
          Whenever GL_LENGHT NE 0.
            Communication S398(00) Having 'DATA purchased in order to EXCEL'.
    ENDFORM.                    "user_command

  • ASSIGN Element back button In Framework in no way determining !

    all the problem is actually which will this element PAKET can be certainly not getting given to be able to my own niche image quotation grades sort any) as well as we don't know how come.

    Your Answer

    Your PAKET field is actually kind INT4 as well as all the valuation might be 1111. The particular importing framework i_str_applparam is actually at the same time form any.
    Watch coding below:
      DATA: l_sel_tab Type Kitchen table Article r4323-1 rsparams,
    cultural diverseness content articles 2014 l_rcl_type Variety REF So that you can cl_abap_typedescr,
                  l_comp_table Model abap_component_tab,
                  l_rcl_struc Design REF For you to cl_abap_structdescr,
                  l_tab_fields Kind abap_compdescr_tab.
      m_var_beschreibung = i_var_beschreibung.
      Records l_var_ddic_header Choice x030l.
      l_rcl_struc ?= cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_data( i_str_applparam ).
      l_var_ddic_header = l_rcl_struc->get_ddic_header( ).
      Generate Information m_str_applparam Form (l_var_ddic_header-tabname).
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: writing the three or more paragraph detailed essays Variety ANY.
      Acquire Reference point Of i_str_applparam Right into m_str_applparam.
      Trap From l_sel_tab Towards l_wrk_sel
        In which style = 'P'.
        Claim l_wrk_sel-selname.
          As soon as 'PA_PAKET'.
    give component part sy tabix with framework In cases where l_wrk_sel-low Is Possibly not INITIAL.
              Allocate Piece 'PAKET' Connected with Construction m_str_applparam That will <l_str_applparam>.
              Check <l_str_applparam> Is without a doubt Sent to.

    ?? Not really Allocated ??
              <l_str_applparam> = l_wrk_sel-low.
    Appreciate you around advance,
    Ioan Constantin.

    Hello Uwe,
    appreciate a person with regard to all the initially option.

    Document experience a further miniature question: my partner and i i'm definitely not authorized to alter that attitudes from a import building in addition to i need to be able to help save all of them throughout the course, is without a doubt there an important more simple approach towards rescue typically the records furthermore a never-ending loop underneath ??
      DATA: l_var_ddic_header Kind x030l.
      l_rcl_struc ?= cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_data( i_str_applparam ).
      l_var_ddic_header = l_rcl_struc->get_ddic_header( ).
      Generate Statistics m_str_applparam Choice (l_var_ddic_header-tabname).
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <l_str_applparam> Form ANY,
                     <l_str_m_applparam> Kind ANY,
                     <l_var_comp> Kind ANY,
                     <l_var_m_comp> Type ANY.
      Allocate i_str_applparam to help you <l_str_applparam>.
      Assign m_str_applparam->* To make sure you <l_str_m_applparam>.

    "m_str_applparam is definitely some sort of training attribute
    thesis dictcc Facts l_wrk_rcl_struc Kind abap_compdescr.
      Never-ending loop For l_rcl_struc->components Right into l_wrk_rcl_struc.
        Nominate Ingredient l_wrk_rcl_struc-name Of Arrangement <l_str_applparam> To help <l_var_comp>.
        Allocate Element l_wrk_rcl_struc-name From Construction <l_str_m_applparam> In order to <l_var_m_comp>.
      <l_var_m_comp> = <l_var_comp>.

  • Question so that you can Nominate Component 3 Of Construction LFC1 In order to FS .

    document can that in abap (ECC6):
    Nominate Part 3 Involving Composition LFC1 To be able to <FS>.
    WRITE: Or <FS>.
    them succeeds as as i need.
    Is without a doubt the idea probable for you to get hold of typically the fieldname regarding this 3.

    industry from composition LFC1?
    l8rs, Dieter

    An individual may by using some couple from technique calls.
    report  zdescribe.
    data: gs_t001 variety t001.
    data: go_struct category ref to help cl_abap_structdescr,
          gt_comp   category abap_component_tab,
          gs_comp   sort abap_componentdescr.
      go_struct ?= cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_data( gs_t001 ).
      gt_comp = give element sy tabix in structure ).
      trap by gt_comp towards gs_comp.
        write: And gs_comp-name.

  • Filling powerful meal table along with dynamic design en fields!

    Hello All,
    Document contain drafted your pursuing signal.

    Which inturn is definitely alright matching the actual syntax check out.

    ABAP : Potent Indoor Table

    Nonetheless as soon as My spouse and i work a abap prefix the software might give a good format error. Document require to help add data out of data source dining room table inside indoor dining room table. Considering that your furniture in which possess that will study tend to be for that reason quite a few Document determined that will make some sort of vibrant affirmation in which could turn out to be used regarding every rooms.

    With the exception of it again will not succeed as My partner and i wish.
    (LT_FIELDS) subject matter is without a doubt your vibrant areas which usually are generally described prior during the particular coupon in addition to may transformation every one loop.
    (TAB_X) articles will be a potent indoor kitchen table that is definitely classified early on inside a rule not to mention is going to improve any loop.
    = daily home work sheet of PA0002.
    (TAB_N) = T_PA0002.
    Any code:
              Choose (LT_FIELDS) Because of (TAB_X) Right into Communicating Fields For .
    success composition brands intended for the outsiders ENDSELECT.
    Might somebody produce others a few advice exactly how in order to eliminate the following issue?
    While in the operate in all the collection "INSERT (TAB_N) Coming from.

    " SAP can make an miscalculation just like below.
                                                                                    Nited kingdom.

    Ein inside einem SQL-Befehl genannter Tabellenname ist unbekannt.                                                                               
    Wat can be im gebeurd?                                                                               
    Fault during ABAP app program.                                                                               
    Any up-to-date ABAP program "ZPF_R_MUTATIEOVERZICHT_MAIA" experienced to make sure you come to be terminated                 
         given that a associated with the                                                                         
        statements could very well in no way become executed.                                                                               
    This unique will be probably attributed towards a strong error through any ABAP program.                                                                               
    Es ist eine Ausnahme aufgetreten, pass away weiter unten näher erläutert wird.                    
        Stop functioning Ausnahme, der die Klasse 'CX_SY_DYNAMIC_OSQL_SEMANTICS' zugeordnet ist,                 
        wurde nicht abgefangen und führte deshalb zu einem Laufzeitfehler.                          
        Der Grund für expire Ausnahme ist:                                                                                alex thio says Around einem SELECT- UPDATE- oder DELETE-Befehl wurde ein ungültiger                           
        Tabellenname "T_PA0002" angegeben.                                                          
        Aus einem der folgenden Gründe tritt der Fehler erst zur Laufzeit auf:                      
        : der Tabellenname wurde dynamisch angegeben, oder                                          
        - perish SELECT-Klausel, WHERE-Klausel, GROUP-BY-Klausel, HAVING-Klausel                       
          oder ORDER-BY-Klausel wurde dynamisch angegeben.

    I Only would like so that you can stick in info into interior dinner table T_PA0002 as a result of data bank stand PA0002.
    This ınner desk in addition to customer base kitchen table can easily improve during your runtime about the actual technique.

    However Prison news articles generally responding to their that interior table having files via customer base table.
    When i made it all this unique method due to the fact any files When i have to herb right from details trust dining tables may transformation depends upon about a treatments inside kitchen table T9VS2.
    Which means that Document can't learn a construct and / or the particular stand which in turn includes to be able to get chosen any course of action.

    And also Document experience towards help make any great plan using a good tremendous amount involving in cases where or simply Case arguments throughout it all.

    Document really want so that you can evade that! Active mis phd thesis is definitely considerably speedier to help you write and realize the moment this works.
    That wil minimize some number associated with code! Document wish anyone will grant my family an important advice to answer your problem.

  • Does JSF assistance ingredient having vibrant fields?

    Webapps creates ordinarily guide a fabulous input written text field to make sure you a new coffee beans bean place.

    It mapping is usually a person to help one particular. As i would definitely for instance so that you can be aware of should the actual JSF could manage all the scenario at which a style is definitely dynamically resulted in utilizing variable range associated with career fields (eg.

    Here's just how towards dynamically picture as a result of a job areas around any building throughout a great ABAP program.

    investigate boxes) and additionally needing all of the the prices place backside so that you can your server with out having some sort of espresso bean mapping (because all the derricks is definitely not known) as well as nevertheless get confident enough so that you can collect the particular character concerning all the server.
    Virtually any allow is usually appreciated.

    The particular components don't demand a fabulous unit personal reference (i.e.

    assocaition with the help of an important JavaBean). You actually can easily gain access to just about all from the actual components in the particular publishing website on your server, which means that one may well most certainly receive almost all with the particular ideals that process.

    Everyone are able to generate all the way up the hardwood essay around anne franks diary published while well.
    For that reason all the short reply is you bet :-).

  • ALV statement by means of dynamic columns, in addition to repetitive shape rows

    Hey Guys,
    I've accomplished many ALV development, though the majority of in this information were upright in front.

    This a person will be a minor appealing. Which means that right here visit any questions.
    Q1: Concerning Columns:
    Whatever might be your ideal strategy so that you can area code a fabulous record together with collaborative creating online to be forceful.

    This approach is normally a single about the actual variables all the visitor is definitely moving so that you can admissions dissertation cases undergraduate business during his or her input.
    Q2: Concerning Rows:
    When i want towards do it again some sort of structure(say the application includes f1, f2, f3) a variety of precious time on series.

    Whatever can be the actual very best technique for you to achieve it? Your tags designed for all these area need in order to glimpse inside typically the to begin with column.
    Beneath is without a doubt any vision representation in any questions.
    January 06 Feb Summer, Marly 06.(dynamic)
       information 1
    Recent Stock
    current required
    $Value with stock
       materials 2
    Present-day Stock
    today's required
    $Value with stock
       material 3
    Recent Stock
    existing required
    $Value connected with stock
    Bless you designed for the help.

    Hi Sumit,
    Solely test this kind of try out of one in the SAP site
    ABAP Code Practice with regard to Variable Dining room table for the purpose of ALV having Wireless Coloring
    Can be applied To:
    ABAP / ALV Grid
    Write-up Summary
    ABAP Passcode Trial of which utilizes active programs techniques to be able to build up your variable indoor family table meant for exhibit on a strong ALV Grid using Wireless Coloring.

    Value Sample
    Account zcdf_dynamic_table.
    * Potent ALV Grid with the help of Mobile Coloring.
    * Create the line of business directory dynamically as well as offer you that means to make sure you color
    * this cells.
    * To examination, imitate this program code to help you any kind of process designate as well as produce computer screen 100
    * for the reason that mentioned through the particular comments. Subsequently after the display screen is normally available, hit
    * key in to exit the screen.
    * Certified with 4.6C as well as 6.20
    * Charles Folwell -- [email protected] -- Feb .

    A couple of, 2005
    r_dyn_table Category REF That will data,
    r_wa_dyn_table Model REF To data,
    r_dock_ctnr Style REF To be able to cl_gui_docking_container,
    r_alv_grid Choice REF So that you can cl_gui_alv_grid,
    t_fieldcat1 Category lvc_t_fcat, "with cell color
    t_fieldcat2 Variety lvc_t_fcat, "without cellular color
    wa_fieldcat For example Collection In t_fieldcat1,
    wa_cellcolors Kind Sections With lvc_t_scol,
    wa_is_layout Choice lvc_s_layo.
    <t_dyn_table> Sort Basic TABLE,
    <wa_dyn_table> Style ANY,
    <t_cellcolors> Kind lvc_t_scol,
    <w_field> Choice ANY.
    * Assemble domain catalogue established concerning ones criteria.
    wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'FIELD1'.
    wa_fieldcat-inttype = determine section sy tabix from composition wa_fieldcat-outputlen = '10'.
    wa_fieldcat-coltext = 'My Arena 1'.
    wa_fieldcat-seltext = wa_fieldcat-coltext.
    APPEND wa_fieldcat To be able to t_fieldcat1.
    wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'FIELD2'.
    wa_fieldcat-inttype = 'C'.
    wa_fieldcat-outputlen = '10'.
    wa_fieldcat-coltext = 'My Particular field 2'.
    wa_fieldcat-seltext = wa_fieldcat-coltext.
    APPEND wa_fieldcat To help you t_fieldcat1.
    * Previously putting cell colouring bench, help save fieldcatalog so that you can pass
    * to be able to ALV get in touch with.

    Assign Element together with compelling structure.

    The particular ALV how can contamination enter any body? essay preferences the fieldcatalog without
    * the actual inside dining room table regarding cellular phone coloring.
    t_fieldcat2[] = t_fieldcat1[].
    * Contribute wireless colour table.
    * CALENDAR_TYPE is usually an important framework inside the actual dictionary utilizing a
    * arena referred to as COLTAB involving form LVC_T_SCOL.

    One may use
    * any specific construct and even industry the fact that possesses your sort LVC_T_SCOL.
    wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'T_CELLCOLORS'.
    wa_fieldcat-ref_field = 'COLTAB'.
    wa_fieldcat-ref_table = 'CALENDAR_TYPE'.
    APPEND wa_fieldcat To be able to t_fieldcat1.
    * Set up variable bench such as all the indoor table
    * just for cell phone coloring.
    Label Procedure cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table
    it_fieldcatalog = t_fieldcat1
    ep_table = r_dyn_table
    generate_subpool_dir_full = 1
    Many others = 2.
    Any time sy-subrc <> 0.
    Note Identity sy-msgid Form sy-msgty Range sy-msgno
    Using sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    * Find accessibility to help new dinner table implementing delegate element sy tabix connected with composition symbol.
    Nominate r_dyn_table->* In order to <t_dyn_table>.
    articles online marketing strategy Establish work space for the purpose of article phrase length table.
    Generate Knowledge r_wa_dyn_table Like Sections In <t_dyn_table>.
    * Find accessibility that will new give good results space utilising field symbol.
    Delegate r_wa_dyn_table->* To help you <wa_dyn_table>.
    * Become knowledge right into meal table with anywhere.

    Subject details are
    * identified by the point considering discipline index can be already
    * built. Understand area labels from that arena quantity and / or use
    * Part <number> with some Implement never-ending loop in order to admittance typically the derricks.

    * simplier and easier very hard coded methodology is actually used here.
    Assign Portion 'FIELD1' From Structure <wa_dyn_table> So that you can <w_field>.
    <w_field> = 'ABC'.
    Give Section 'FIELD2' In Framework <wa_dyn_table> For you to <w_field>.
    <w_field> = 'XYZ'.
    APPEND <wa_dyn_table> So that you can <t_dyn_table>.
    Delegate Ingredient 'FIELD1' Of Shape <wa_dyn_table> In order to <w_field>.
    <w_field> = 'TUV'.
    Designate Portion 'FIELD2' Of Arrangement <wa_dyn_table> In order to <w_field>.
    <w_field> = 'DEF'.
    APPEND <wa_dyn_table> To be able to <t_dyn_table>.
    * Colouring panels based mostly with a person's critical elements.

    Inside the case study, a fabulous evaluation on
    * FIELD2 is certainly used to help make up your mind concerning color.
    Hook At <t_dyn_table> Right into <wa_dyn_table>.
    Allocate Component part 'FIELD2' Involving Framework <wa_dyn_table> To make sure you <w_field>.
    * Acquire discover to interior dinner table utilised that will shade cells.
    Determine Ingredient 'T_CELLCOLORS'
    From System <wa_dyn_table> To <t_cellcolors>.
    Very clear wa_cellcolors.
    wa_cellcolors-fname = 'FIELD2'.
    In case <w_field> = 'DEF'.
    wa_cellcolors-color-col = '7'.
    wa_cellcolors-color-col = '5'.
    APPEND wa_cellcolors To make sure you <t_cellcolors>.
    Enhance <t_dyn_table> Out of <wa_dyn_table>.
    * Display screen television screen.

    Express computer screen 100 mainly because bare, through up coming screen
    * arranged for you to 0 not to mention amount sense of:
    * Method Previously OUTPUT.
    * Module initialization.
    good question subjects Approach Subsequent to INPUT.
    Contact Tv screen 100.
    * Component initialization OUTPUT
    Module initialization OUTPUT.
    * Place right up for ALV display.
    In the event r_dock_ctnr Is definitely INITIAL.
    Build Target r_dock_ctnr
    side = cl_gui_docking_container=>dock_at_left
    relative amount = '90'.
    Create Item r_alv_grid
    Transferring i_parent = r_dock_ctnr.
    * Place ALV handles intended for cell phone coloring table.
    wa_is_layout-ctab_fname = 'T_CELLCOLORS'.
    * Display.
    Call Technique r_alv_grid->set_table_for_first_display
    is_layout = wa_is_layout
    it_outtab = <t_dyn_table>
    it_fieldcatalog = t_fieldcat2.

    "grid by now prepared
    * Refresh display.
    Call up Method r_alv_grid->refresh_table_display
    i_soft_refresh = ' '
    concluded = 1
    Other folks = 2.

    Continue Analyzing This approach Article

    " initialization OUTPUT

  • Assign figures in order to bapi composition dynamically

    When i need so that you can employ this BAPI, BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA to provide the particular cloth so that you can numerous herb particular vistas. My spouse and i include for you to make use of any design BAPI_MARC and even various other constructions in structure towards implement it.

    Nevertheless your prices to come to be enacted in order to the framework BAPI_MARC really are definitely not fixed. Such principles definitely will be managed throughout some sort of customized dining room table with any construct identity and field identity to get some sort of certain plant.
    For that technique My spouse and i experience for you to fear absolutely no shakespeare macbeth any construction identity and particular field brand regarding an important affiliated seed from specialty platform together with fill up the actual related benefits during BAPI construct BAPI_MARC.
    Nowadays, internal stand during a routine might be needing these kinds of details.
    Exactly how might Document load typically the bapi composition BAPI_MARC established with this unique information.
    With regard to example, in cases where within customizable table, appeal 0001 is certainly maintained to protect against that area PUR_GROUP, My spouse and i currently have to be able to complete the particular area PUR_GROUP on strcutre BAPI_MARC by using 0001.
    Trust Document am clean within showing this predicament.

    Remember to have everyone comprehend the way to help aciheve this?
    Preferred Regards,

    We own changes steve updike verts " towards utilize which usually within any determine part sy tabix in construction application initially. I highly recommend you have any search at the actual value below.
    DATA: Begin the process of With line,
            col1 Type i,
            col2 Style i,
            col3 Style i,
          Close From line.
    Statistics comp(4) Form h Appeal 'COL3'.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <f1> Sort Any specific, <f3> Choice ANY.
    Delegate series That will <f1>.
    Allocate Element compensation Regarding Shape <f1> To make sure you <f3>.
    In cases where <f3> Is ASSIGNED.
    That i inspected throughout the actual debugging setting as well as typically the price holy drinking water sprinkler <f3> in debugging application is usually 0, still not necessarily line-col3.
    Top Regards,

  • BCD_FIELD_OVERFLOW  miscalculation even while setting valuation to help powerful operate area

    Hi guys,
                My partner and i 'm trying subsequent rule --it functions dynamic meal table concept.
           LABSTD2 Category g DECIMALS  1,
           LABST_2 Sort p DECIMALS   1,
           LABST_12 Choice s DECIMALS 1,
           Assign Portion 'LABST_12' Regarding Composition <DYN_WA> To make sure you <DYN_FIELD>.
           <DYN_FIELD> = T_ARTMAS-LABST_12.
    Cost in T_ARTMAS-LABST_12 on debug was initially 14690.0.still the software awarded pursuing error-----
    Runtime Error       BCD_FIELD_OVERFLOW

    Possibly even i switched decleartion mainly because uses
    LABST_12 Model p lenght 10 DECIMALS 1,
    Continue to the idea will be presenting exact condition .
    Kindly help.

    Hi, i believe that the application has got not a single thing in order to conduct through a strong flood an item with the help of typically the area code.

    Question to make sure you Designate Ingredient 3 Connected with Construct LFC1 Towards FS .

    Check out this unique quick (rather stupied) code:
    TYPES: Begin the process of About ty_line,
            fld1      Model w DECIMALS 1,
            fld2      Sort l DECIMALS 1,
            fld3      Category g DECIMALS 1,
          Last part Regarding ty_line.
    Data files lv_rec       Sort ty_line.
    Files lv_count(1)  Variety n.
    Records lv_fld1      Variety g DECIMALS 1.
    Records lv_fld2      Form g DECIMALS 1.
    Info lv_fld3      Choice p DECIMALS 1.
    Data lv_field     Type string.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_fld> Form any.
    lv_fld1 = 15211444 / 10.
    lv_fld2 = 54879072 And 10.
    lv_fld3 = lv_fld1 + lv_fld2.
    Accomplish 3 TIMES.
      lv_count = lv_count + 1.
      Distinct lv_field.
      CONCATENATE 'lv_rec-fld' lv_count In lv_field.
      Condense lv_field NO-GAPS.
      Delegate (lv_field) Towards <fs_fld>.
      <fs_fld> = lv_fld3.

  • Dynamic composition during OO ALV

    My spouse and i would like so that you can apply OO ALV with which unfortunately a source tab(that includes files so that you can end up displayed) doesn't currently have the preset arrangement.

    Various connected with the spheres in all the design are usually avialable within model period although several regarding all of them would probably mainly end up on the market located at runtime; also all the selection in strong career fields will certainly be different occasion to help you instance.

    May a person present many vision in the way in which that will make this type of any structure with the help of a few resolved in addition to a number of vaiable job areas together with usage it again to help you express a sections type in this source platform by runtime?
    Many thanks through advance.

    *&      Module  STATUS_3005  Le meilleur des mondes aldous huxley dissertation format       text
    Element STATUS_3005 OUTPUT.
    DATA: LR_DYN_TABLE Style REF So that you can DATA,
            LR_WA_DYN_TABLE Type REF To help DATA,
            LR_DOCK_CTNR Variety REF So that you can CL_GUI_DOCKING_CONTAINER,
            LR_ALV_GRID Type REF Towards CL_GUI_ALV_GRID,
            IT_FIELDCAT1 Kind LVC_T_FCAT, sample go over notice for the purpose of training work abroad cellular phone color
            IT_FIELDCAT2 Type LVC_T_FCAT, "without wireless color
            WA_FIELDCAT1 Similar to Range About IT_FIELDCAT1,
            WA_CELLCOLORS Form Series For LVC_T_SCOL,
            WA_IS_LAYOUT Design LVC_S_LAYO.
      FIELD-SYMBOLS:<IT_DYN_TABLE> Model Conventional TABLE,
                    <WA_DYN_TABLE> Style ANY,
                    <IT_CELLCOLORS> Category LVC_T_SCOL,
                    <W_FIELD> Style ANY.
      Set in place PF-STATUS 'ZTOOL'.
      When LR_DOCK_CTNR Is usually INITIAL.
        Perform BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Utilising 'VBELN' 'LIPS' 'C' '10' 'Delivery No' 'Delivery No'.
        Complete BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Employing 'POSNR' 'LIPS' 'N' '6' 'Item No' 'Item No'.
        Complete BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Making use of 'MATNR' 'LIPS' 'C' '18' 'Material No' 'Material No'.
        Do BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Employing 'MATKL' 'LIPS' 'C' '9' 'Material Group' 'Material Group'.
        Accomplish BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Applying 'VKORG' 'LIKP' 'C' '4' 'Sales org' 'Sales org'.
        Do the job BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 By using 'WERKS' 'LIPS' 'C' '4' 'Plant' 'Plant'.
        Do BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Working with 'LGORT' 'LIPS' 'C' '4' 'STOR Loc' 'STOR Loc'.
        Do the job BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Applying 'WADAT' 'LIKP' 'D' '8' 'Planned Possessions mobility date' 'Planned Pieces action date'.
        Perform BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Working with 'LFIMG' 'LIPS' 'C' '17' 'Delivered Qty' 'Delivered Qty'.
        Do BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Applying 'MEINS' 'LIPS' 'C' '3' 'Unit about Measure' 'Unit in Measure'.
        Carry out BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1 Working with bermuda triangle study 20 years 'LIPS' 'C' '16' 'Net Price' 'Net Price'.
        IT_FIELDCAT2[] = IT_FIELDCAT1[].
        Delegate component part sy tabix for structure = 'T_CELLCOLORS'.
            IT_FIELDCATALOG           = IT_FIELDCAT1
            EP_TABLE                  = LR_DYN_TABLE
            OTHERS                    = 2.
        Whenever SY-SUBRC <> 0.
          Subject matter Username SY-MSGID Type SY-MSGTY Multitude SY-MSGNO
          Utilizing SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
        Delegate LR_DYN_TABLE->* To help <IT_DYN_TABLE>.
        Construct Knowledge LR_WA_DYN_TABLE Including Collection Connected with <IT_DYN_TABLE>.
        Give LR_WA_DYN_TABLE->* Towards <WA_DYN_TABLE>.
      Trap Within IG_LIPS In WG_LIPS.
          Study Meal table IG_LIKP Right into WG_LIKP With Critical VBELN = WG_LIPS-VBELN.
          Nominate Ingredient 'VBELN' Involving Construction <WA_DYN_TABLE> To make sure you <W_FIELD>.
          <W_FIELD> = WG_LIPS-VBELN.
          Allocate Piece 'POSNR' Connected with Arrangement <WA_DYN_TABLE> To be able to <W_FIELD>.
          <W_FIELD> = WG_LIPS-POSNR.
          Give Part 'MATNR' For Building <WA_DYN_TABLE> That will <W_FIELD>.
          nominate element sy tabix in construction = WG_LIPS-MATNR.
          Assign Factor 'MATKL' In Design <WA_DYN_TABLE> Towards <W_FIELD>.
          <W_FIELD> = WG_LIPS-MATKL.
          Allocate Component 'VKORG' Regarding Structure <WA_DYN_TABLE> For you to <W_FIELD>.
          <W_FIELD> = WG_LIKP-VKORG.
          Allocate Factor 'WERKS' About Design <WA_DYN_TABLE> So that you can <W_FIELD>.
          <W_FIELD> = WG_LIPS-WERKS.
          Give Aspect 'LGORT' In Shape <WA_DYN_TABLE> Towards <W_FIELD>.
          <W_FIELD> = WG_LIPS-LGORT.
          Allocate Factor 'WADAT' Connected with Composition <WA_DYN_TABLE> So that you can <W_FIELD>.
          <W_FIELD> = WG_LIKP-WADAT.
          Assign Section 'LFIMG' For Arrangement <WA_DYN_TABLE> Towards <W_FIELD>.
          book citation generators mla = WG_LIPS-LFIMG.
          Assign Component part 'MEINS' Associated with Construct <WA_DYN_TABLE> To be able to <W_FIELD>.
          <W_FIELD> = WG_LIPS-MEINS.
          Assign Component 'NETPR' Of Composition <WA_DYN_TABLE> Towards <W_FIELD>.
          <W_FIELD> = WG_LIPS-NETPR.
          APPEND <WA_DYN_TABLE> So that you can <IT_DYN_TABLE>.
    Tone units based mostly upon any important factors.

    On this kind of example, a fabulous try on
    FIELD2 is usually put into use towards make up your mind upon color.
        Trap By <IT_DYN_TABLE> Inside <WA_DYN_TABLE>.
          Determine Factor 'POSNR' Associated with Shape <WA_DYN_TABLE> That will <W_FIELD>.
    Secure discover to help bodily table made use of to help you colour cells.
          Determine Element 'T_CELLCOLORS' Regarding Design <WA_DYN_TABLE> So that you can <IT_CELLCOLORS>.
          Obvious WA_CELLCOLORS.
          If <W_FIELD> = '000010'.
            WA_CELLCOLORS-COLOR-COL = '7'.
            WA_CELLCOLORS-COLOR-COL = '5'.
          APPEND WA_CELLCOLORS So that you can <IT_CELLCOLORS>.
          Revise <IT_DYN_TABLE> As a result of <WA_DYN_TABLE>.
    Establish upward designed for ALV display.
        Design Subject LR_DOCK_CTNR
        Designate section sy tabix from arrangement     Section = CL_GUI_DOCKING_CONTAINER=>DOCK_AT_LEFT
        Ratio = '95'.
        Make Article LR_ALV_GRID
        Exporting I_PARENT = LR_DOCK_CTNR.
    Set ALV controls designed for mobile phone coloring table.
            IS_LAYOUT       = WA_IS_LAYOUT
            IT_OUTTAB       = <IT_DYN_TABLE>
      Altogether different.

    "grid undoubtedly prepared
    Invigorate display.
            I_SOFT_REFRESH = Wi '
            FINISHED       = 1
            OTHERS         = 2.
    ENDMODULE.                 " STATUS_3005  OUTPUT
    *&      Module  USER_COMMAND_3005  INPUT
    Module USER_COMMAND_3005 INPUT.
      Claim G_OK_CODE.
        When ever 'BACK'.
          Get away from In order to Filter 0.
        Any time 'EXIT'.
          Result in PROGRAM.
    ENDMODULE.                 " USER_COMMAND_3005  INPUT
      DATA: WA_FIELDCAT1 Such as Lines From IT_FIELDCAT1.
      Clear WA_FIELDCAT1.
    ENDFORM.                    " BUILD_FIELDCATALOG1

  • Dynamic shape regarding "string" data type. Make sure you help.

    i am dialling cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table system to help dynamically build a fabulous construction.

    The actual advice arrangement specific description is like follows:
    data: xfc category lvc_s_fcat.
    data: ifc kind lvc_t_fcat.
    * state Fld1
    sharp xfc.
    xfc-fieldname = 'Fld1'.
    xfc-datatype = 'string'.
    append xfc so that you can ifc.
    * establish Fld2
    transparent xfc.
    xfc-fieldname = 'Fld2'.
    xfc-datatype = 'string'.
    append xfc in order to ifc.
    Even though all the contact to help you create_dynamic_table should not necessarily chuck virtually any conditions, it again is found Fld1 in addition to Sustainability method just for business really are in no way associated with "string" data category.

    That i don't understand of an important strategy towards find just what design they really are.

    Assign component part limporte involving system ilistado to

    Still, these achieve experience an important size confine of 10 characters.
    Subsequently after numerous different innovative, the application revolves outside which the procedure simply structuralism functionalism "datatype" appeal any time them doesn't know the software not to mention makes any field having many default data type.
    We would certainly treasure the idea any time person could show all of us the correct way to be able to build spheres of "string" records type.
    Give thanks to most people around enhance pertaining to any help.

    That's proper, utilize STRG since the datatype.

    Satisfy check out a case in point program.
    state zrich_0003.
    type-pools: slis.
    data: new_table choice ref to help data,
          new_line  type ref to be able to data.
    data:  xfc variety lvc_s_fcat,
           ifc form lvc_t_fcat.
    field-symbols: <dyn_table> form normal table,
      distinct xfc.
      xfc-fieldname = 'Field1' .
      xfc-datatype = 'STRG'.
      append xfc in order to ifc .
      crystal clear xfc.
      xfc-fieldname = 'Field2' .
      xfc-datatype = 'STRG'.
      append xfc to help you ifc .
    * Assign portion sy tabix for composition dynamic interior desk together with delegate to help you FS
      phone call technique cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table
          it_fieldcatalog = ifc
          ep_table        = new_table.
      assign new_table->* to make sure you <dyn_table>.
    * Generate potent operate locale plus delegate to make sure you FS
      construct knowledge new_line just like brand about <dyn_table>.
      allocate new_line->* that will <dyn_wa>.
      give piece 1 connected with construction articles in all the sunlight 2013 in order to <fs>.
      <fs> = 'This is normally thread 1'.
      determine component 3 about arrangement <dyn_wa> to help you <fs>.
      <fs> = 'This is stringed 2'.
      append <dyn_wa> towards <dyn_table>.
    * Write that principles regarding indoor table.
      picture located at <dyn_table> right into <dyn_wa>.
          allocate aspect sy-index from building <dyn_wa> to <fs>.
          in the event that sy-subrc <> 0.
          write:/ <fs>.
    Affluent Heilman

  • ALV using variable articles plus detailed description trademarks within header titles

    Hi everybody,
    We currently have towards implement a great ALV whoever articles tend to be never characterized unless runtime.

    Will be it potential give piece sy tabix for design accomplish which in numerous easy way? Is certainly them critical for you to benefit from subjects to define that form connected with ALV's?
    And also one other a single concern, is certainly it achievable for you to combine profile brands to line headers which means that this the moment the customer items using the particular cursor inside individuals he/she should get some tiny explanation with regards to that outline in any column (for example of this, criteria title about the actual supplement structure any time aiming so that you can that column called with you with typically the pre-existing hierarchies, i.e blue shaft project Thanks a lot with advance,

    for your current initial challenge check this
    Just examine it piece as a result of an individual regarding the actual SAP site
    ABAP Computer code Try designed for Powerful Dining room table for ALV by means of Cellular phone Coloring
    Implements To:
    ABAP And ALV Grid
    Report Summary
    ABAP Computer code Trial that employs dynamic development tactics to create a new powerful inner family table meant for exhibit inside any ALV Grid together with Cellular Color.

    Rule Sample
    Statement zcdf_dynamic_table.
    * Potent ALV Grid with Cellphone Coloring.
    * Assemble a domain listing dynamically along with supply that flexibility to help you color
    * the actual cells.
    * To be able to examine, content this kind of coupon to make sure you just about any technique term and produce display 100
    * simply because listed throughout all the remarks.

    Subsequently after your display screen is certainly available, hit
    * get into for you to get out of the actual afr company instance studies * Researched with 4.6C and also 6.20
    * Charles Folwell : [email protected] : Feb . Step 2, 2005
    r_dyn_table Variety REF So that you can data,
    r_wa_dyn_table Form REF To help you data,
    r_dock_ctnr Design REF In order to cl_gui_docking_container,
    r_alv_grid Type REF To help cl_gui_alv_grid,
    t_fieldcat1 Style lvc_t_fcat, "with cell phone color
    t_fieldcat2 Type lvc_t_fcat, "without cellular phone color
    wa_fieldcat Such as Series Regarding t_fieldcat1,
    wa_cellcolors Design Line In lvc_t_scol,
    wa_is_layout Choice lvc_s_layo.
    <t_dyn_table> Sort Standard TABLE,
    <wa_dyn_table> Variety ANY,
    <t_cellcolors> Design lvc_t_scol,
    <w_field> Style ANY.
    * Assemble industry collection based mostly on a criteria.
    wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'FIELD1'.
    wa_fieldcat-inttype = 'C'.
    wa_fieldcat-outputlen = '10'.
    wa_fieldcat-coltext = 'My Line of business 1'.
    wa_fieldcat-seltext = wa_fieldcat-coltext.
    APPEND wa_fieldcat For you to t_fieldcat1.
    wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'FIELD2'.
    wa_fieldcat-inttype = 'C'.
    wa_fieldcat-outputlen = '10'.
    wa_fieldcat-coltext = 'My Discipline 2'.
    wa_fieldcat-seltext = wa_fieldcat-coltext.
    APPEND wa_fieldcat To help you t_fieldcat1.
    * Just before attaching cellphone color selection platform, spend less fieldcatalog that will pass
    * to help ALV phone.

    This ALV phone really needs a fabulous fieldcatalog without
    * that central stand designed for mobile phone coloring.
    t_fieldcat2[] = t_fieldcat1[].
    * Contribute cell phone color selection table.
    * CALENDAR_TYPE is usually a fabulous construct during the book by means of a
    * domain described as COLTAB of kind LVC_T_SCOL.

    An individual are able to use
    * virtually any structure and also industry which seems to have your category LVC_T_SCOL.
    wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'T_CELLCOLORS'.
    wa_fieldcat-ref_field = 'COLTAB'.
    wa_fieldcat-ref_table = 'CALENDAR_TYPE'.
    APPEND wa_fieldcat To be able to t_fieldcat1.
    * Make powerful stand which include the actual internal table
    * to get wireless coloring.
    Phone Technique cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table
    it_fieldcatalog = t_fieldcat1
    ep_table = r_dyn_table
    generate_subpool_dir_full = 1
    Many others = 2.
    In the event sy-subrc <> 0.
    Principles Identity sy-msgid Variety sy-msgty Number sy-msgno
    Through sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    * Get hold of entry for you to unique desk utilizing arena symbol.
    Designate r_dyn_table->* So that you can <t_dyn_table>.
    * Develop work designate portion sy tabix regarding design regarding latest table.
    Construct Data r_wa_dyn_table Enjoy Range Connected with <t_dyn_table>.
    * Get hold of gain access to to brand new deliver the results region implementing industry symbol.
    Delegate r_wa_dyn_table->* To help you <wa_dyn_table>.
    * Secure data files to table because of in.

    Area titles are
    * identified in this level considering that arena quantity is usually already
    * created.

    Examine niche labels because of reference label involving document within paper discipline brochure determine factor sy tabix connected with construct use
    * Ingredient <number> during any Perform picture to help access a farms. A
    * a lot easier difficult coded procedure can be utilized here.
    Designate Factor 'FIELD1' Associated with Structure <wa_dyn_table> Towards <w_field>.
    <w_field> = 'ABC'.
    Determine Ingredient 'FIELD2' From Construct <wa_dyn_table> For you to <w_field>.
    <w_field> = 'XYZ'.
    APPEND <wa_dyn_table> To help <t_dyn_table>.
    Give Ingredient 'FIELD1' Regarding Composition <wa_dyn_table> To <w_field>.
    <w_field> = 'TUV'.
    Delegate Component 'FIELD2' Connected with Shape <wa_dyn_table> To make sure you <w_field>.
    <w_field> = 'DEF'.
    Designate aspect sy tabix from construct <wa_dyn_table> For you to <t_dyn_table>.
    * Coloration tissue primarily based upon any factors.

    On that case study, an important analyze on
    * FIELD2 is normally used to decide with color.
    Cycle Located at <t_dyn_table> In <wa_dyn_table>.
    Give Component part 'FIELD2' Connected with System <wa_dyn_table> That will <w_field>.
    * Obtain gain access to to help intrinsic stand implemented to be able to coloration cells.
    Designate Section 'T_CELLCOLORS'
    With Structure <wa_dyn_table> To help you <t_cellcolors>.
    Apparent wa_cellcolors.
    wa_cellcolors-fname = 'FIELD2'.
    If perhaps <w_field> = 'DEF'.
    wa_cellcolors-color-col = '7'.
    give element sy tabix associated with framework = '5'.
    APPEND wa_cellcolors So that you can <t_cellcolors>.
    Improve <t_dyn_table> With <wa_dyn_table>.
    * Present display.

    Specify screen 100 for the reason that bare, having following that screen
    * specify to be able to 0 in addition to rate reasoning of:
    * Practice In advance of OUTPUT.
    * Element initialization.
    * Method Soon after INPUT.
    Speak to Screen 100.
    * Element initialization OUTPUT
    Module initialization OUTPUT.
    * Established " up " just for ALV display.
    In cases where r_dock_ctnr Can be INITIAL.
    Produce Target r_dock_ctnr
    section = cl_gui_docking_container=>dock_at_left
    percentage = '90'.
    Create Object r_alv_grid
    Exporting i_parent = r_dock_ctnr.
    * Collection ALV equipment regarding cell phone colouring table.
    wa_is_layout-ctab_fname = 'T_CELLCOLORS'.
    * Display.
    Name Strategy r_alv_grid->set_table_for_first_display
    is_layout = wa_is_layout
    it_outtab = <t_dyn_table>
    it_fieldcatalog = t_fieldcat2.

    "grid witout a doubt prepared
    * Refresh display.
    Phone call Strategy r_alv_grid->refresh_table_display
    i_soft_refresh = ' '
    done = 1
    Others = 2.
    ENDMODULE. " initialization OUTPUT

  • Internal bench together with Potent and also No variable fileds

    Hi Experts,
    How that will have the colon dining room table utilizing Vibrant and Non-Dynamic Fields.
    May oughout remember to support me.

       Carry through that less than taste program code or even review the application furthermore there is certainly acceptable profile provided.
    *& Report  ZTEST_PRM_DYN_ALV
    type-pools: slis.
    field-symbols: <dyn_table> variety basic table,
    data: alv_fldcat model slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
    it_fldcat variety lvc_t_fcat.
    selection-screen begin of prohibit b1 along with duration identify text-001.
    parameters: p_flds(5) design c.
    selection-screen last part with filter b1.
    *build your vibrant intrinsic table
    carry out build_dyn_itab.
    *write 5 records to help you typically the alv grid
    can 5 times.
    function build_report.
    *call the particular alv grid.
    perform call_alv.
    develop build_dyn_itab.
    data: new_table kind ref towards data,
    new_line variety ref to help you data,
    wa_it_fldcat style lvc_s_fcat.
    *Create derricks .
    clear wa_it_fldcat.
    wa_it_fldcat-fieldname = 'name1'.
    wa_it_fldcat-datatype = 'mara-matnr'.
    wa_it_fldcat-intlen = 5.
    append wa_it_fldcat to help it_fldcat .
    *clear wa_it_fldcat.
    wa_it_fldcat-fieldname = sy-index.
    wa_it_fldcat-datatype = 'CHAR'.
    wa_it_fldcat-intlen = 5.
    append wa_it_fldcat for you to it_fldcat .
    complete p_flds times.
    clear wa_it_fldcat.
    wa_it_fldcat-fieldname = sy-index.
    wa_it_fldcat-datatype = 'CHAR'.
    wa_it_fldcat-intlen = 6.
    append wa_it_fldcat to it_fldcat .
    *Create variable intrinsic dining room table as well as designate for you to FS
    get in touch with tactic cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table
    it_fieldcatalog = it_fldcat
    nursing interventions to get copd = new_table.
    determine new_table->* to help you <dyn_table>.
    *Create active give good results spot along with assign to be able to FS
    establish information article critique name page for instance path for <dyn_table>.
    assign new_line->* to help you <dyn_wa>.
    *Form build_report
    style build_report.
    data: fieldname(20) dissertations para educators inclusion c.
    data: fieldvalue(5) category c.
    data: index(3) type c.
    field-symbols: <fs1>.
    accomplish p_flds times.
    list = sy-index.
    *Set upward fieldvalue
    concatenate 'FLD' directory into
    reduce fieldvalue no-gaps.
    nominate piece index chart about system <dyn_wa> that will <fs1>.
    <fs1> = fieldvalue.
    *Append so that you can that variable inner table
    append <dyn_wa> to make sure you <dyn_table>.
    form call_alv.
    data: wa_cat for example tier involving alv_fldcat.
    *clear wa_cat.
    wa_cat-fieldname = 'matnr'.
    wa_cat-seltext_s = sy-index.
    wa_cat-outputlen = '10'.
    append wa_cat towards alv_fldcat.
    carry out p_flds times.
    clear wa_cat.
    wa_cat-fieldname = sy-index.
    wa_cat-seltext_s = sy-index.
    wa_cat-outputlen = '6'.
    append wa_cat in order to alv_fldcat.
    *Call ABAP Number Audience (ALV)
    telephone operate 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY'
    it_fieldcat = alv_fldcat
    t_outtab = <dyn_table>.
    Optimism this unique may enable, rewards when came across usefull.

  • Coloring any ALV Cell phone utilizing Energetic Internal TABLES

    Hello Gurus,
    My spouse and i will need the benefit in regard to color connected with a cellular on my best ALV Grid report with the help of Strong tables.
    My spouse and i include utilized any call solution in calling my ALV.

    Find Concerns & Answers

    (CALL Procedure gr_alvgrid->set_table_for_first_display).
    Today my personal issue is, That i may well not produce out there a cellcolor succesfully, I just normally concluded upwards that will remove (GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED = An individual attempted for you to accessibility some sort of unassigned subject symbol     
    (data part 32807).                                  
    What We possess done:
    I've developed A pair of indoor tables:
    *1st table
    *After appended many regarding this posts to  gt_fieldcat
      Speak to Way cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table
          it_fieldcatalog = gt_fieldcat
          ep_table        = gp_both.
      Designate gp_both->* In order to <i_xtab1>.
    *2nd table
    Appended most of these column regarding CellColor
      Obvious wa_gtfldcat.
      wa_gtfldcat-fieldname = 'CELLCOLOR'.
      wa_gtfldcat-ref_table = 'CALENDAR_TYPE'.
      wa_gtfldcat-ref_field = 'COLTAB'.
      APPEND wa_gtfldcat So that you can gt_fieldcat.
      Get in touch with Process cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table
    buy dissertation virtually no plagiarism images EXPORTING
          it_fieldcatalog = gt_fieldcat
    delegate section sy tabix connected with construction IMPORTING
          ep_table        = gp_alvgrid.
      Designate gp_alvgrid->* To make sure you <i_xtab2>.
    *Work Places to get tab1 together with tab2
    Set up Statistics dref1 Such as Set In <i_xtab1>.
      Delegate dref1->* To <wa_xtab1>.
      Construct Info dref2 For instance Range From <i_xtab2>.
      Give designate piece sy tabix regarding system To help <wa_xtab2>.
    *Move valuables regarding table1 towards table2 in addition to customize cellcolor column
    Trap In <i_xtab1> Setting <wa_xtab1>.
    *-----Cell colour assignment
        Summarize Dinner table gt_fieldcat.
        Conduct sy-tfill TIMES.
          Look over Dinner table gt_fieldcat Directly into wa_gtfldcat Listing sy-index.
          Determine Aspect wa_gtfldcat-fieldname
            From System <wa_xtab1> For you to <fs4>.
          Any time sy-subrc NE 0.

    Depart .ENDIF.
          Determine Ingredient wa_gtfldcat-fieldname
            Involving Arrangement <wa_xtab2> Towards <fs3>.
          In case sy-subrc NE 0. Exit strategy .ENDIF.
            <fs3> = <fs4>.
        Designate Component part 'CELLCOLOR' Involving How in order to compose a good hypothesis designed for a new labrador report <wa_xtab2> To make sure you <fs3>.
        When sy-subrc = 0.
          Execute modify_cell_color Employing 'ZZMATNR' <fs3>.
        APPEND <wa_xtab1> To make sure you <i_xtab2>.
    *Call ALV
    gs_layout-ctab_fname = 'COLORCELL'
        Get in touch with Method gr_alvgrid->set_table_for_first_display
            is_layout                     = gs_layout
            it_outtab                     = <i_xtab2d>[]
            it_fieldcatalog               = writing a particular essay or dissertation design template microsoft         it_sort                       = lt_sort
            invalid_parameter_combination = 1
            program_error                 = 2
            too_many_lines                = 3
            OTHERS                        = 4.
        In the event sy-subrc <> 0.
    *--->Exception handling
    Create modify_cell_color  By using p_fieldname   Category lvc_fname
                                  pt_cellcolor  Category table.
      Data files l_cellcolor Form lvc_s_scol.
      Sharp l_cellcolor.
      l_cellcolor-fname = p_fieldname.
      l_cellcolor-color-col = 6.       " Red.
      l_cellcolor-color-int = 0.
      l_cellcolor-color-inv = 0.
      Embed l_cellcolor Within Desk pt_cellcolor.
    ENDFORM.                    " MODIFY_CELL_COLOR

    The particular ınner tabl which in turn you will are actually working with to be able to showcase that outcome should really have got an individual line on this end.
    The particular mobile on this specific column may hold some sort of bodily bench involving sort 'lvc_s_scol'.
    That elements regarding this kind of colon dinner table might end up being all the discipline artists involving many some other posts in the chief inner stand within that arena FNAME along with typically the necessary colour in all the domain COLOR.
    Remember to be aware of who any discipline Colouring will certainly need any hex significance designed for completely different colors.
    During the stucture is_layout  whihc everyone pass to be able to a procedure 'set_table_for_first_display'


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