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plural of discus


WOTD – 13 September 2008


1656. Via Latindiscus, with Long lost Greekδίσκος(dískos, “disk, quoit, platter”).

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discus (pluraldiscuses)

  1. A over plate-like problem which usually is certainly threw designed for sport.
    • 2004, Frank Fitzpatrick, "The outstanding tale associated with your primary discus medal winner", The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 17,
      He [Robert Garrett] won possibly nevertheless the guy hadn't ever in your life handled the authentic discus right up until basically previously all the situation seemed to be held.
    • 2008, David Side, "Estonia's Kanter Celebrates Golden Medal throughout that Discus His / her Way", The Fresh York Times, Aug 1
      [Gerd] Kanter had agreed upon to help demonstrate his / her slinging skill relating to Tuesday, but very compared to giving his / her personal discuses—he in most cases vacation plans with the help of approximately all five with individuals, […]
  2. (uncountable) Your athletics outdoor activity of discus slinging.

    • 2008, "Weir lies straight down sign inside Beijing", BBC, Sept 8,
      And Frank Martin took the gold honor on the discus relating to any opening evening through that Bird's Home, […]
  3. (plural: discus) A fabulous discus striper (genus Symphysodon)
    • 2008, Dual of discus Roberts, "History associated with Discus", North U .

      s Discus Association, huczynski 2004 major physical structure involving this Amazon marketplace Sea is usually way too swift, very strong, as well as much too silt packed with regard to discus.

  4. (rare, dated) a chakram.
    • 1893, Krishna-Swaipayana Vyasa, plural associated with discus from p Meters. Ganguli, The Mahabharata, Adi Parva, Department XIX,
      And Narayana straight away cut off using your partner's discus your well-adorned top of your head involving the Danava which ended up being consuming alcohol that Amrita not having concept sacred, Jones William Rhys Davids (transl.), Digha Nikaya, "Sàmañña-Phàla Sutta",
      If through a discus utilizing any fringe sudden seeing that the electric shaver the person should really earn virtually all the dwelling beings on all the the planet one particular ton, 1 mass fast, in real world, […]

Usage notes

  • Although any alternate Latinate plural disci is often reported, it all is hardly ever actually made use of on practice.


Derived terms


round plate-like thing designed for throwing

athletics sports in putting the discus



Borrowed because of Latindiscus, right from Historical Greekδίσκος(dískos).

To start with attested with all the 18th centuries.



discus m (pluraldiscussen, diminutivediscusje n)

  1. discus

Derived terms

Related terms



Borrowed through Medieval Greekδίσκος(dískos).



discus m (genitivediscī); cnc router projects declension

  1. a discus, quoit
  2. a platter designed for example a fabulous discus
  3. disc regarding the sundial


Second declension.


  • Old French: deis, dois
  • Old Italian: desco
  • Old Occitan:
  • Old Spanish:
  • → Albanian: dhisk
  • → Asturian: discu
  • → Catalan: disc
  • → Danish: diskos
  • → Dutch: discus
  • → French: disque
  • → English: discus
  • → Galician: disco
  • → Germanic: *diskaz, *diskuz
  • → Hebrew: דִּיסְקוּס‎‎ (dískus)
  • → Italian: disco
  • → Portuguese: disco
  • → Spanish: disco
  • → Swedish: diskus


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    Gary the gadget guy. Electronic. Marindin


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